Transforming the Merchant Services Industry

It’s time for full transparency with your payment processing. At DentalTech, we know dentists and we know technology. We bring you a seamless patient experience for your practice, without having to settle for confusing rates, representatives without a relationship, and bad client care. Oh, and we don’t raise your rates or add on fees. How’s that for disruption?

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No 1 (800) Numbers

You have a direct relationship with us. No call centers, no transfers to another department, no merry-go-round of client service.

Cutting Edge Technology

Process payments from anywhere, including your treatment rooms, website, and via text message

Transparent Reporting

Receive reporting every 90 days to monitor your all-in processing costs, verify data security, and maintain PCI compliance.

You deserve to know what you are paying for and how your processing works.

DentalTech is a unique merchant services company specific for the dental industry.

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See How We Are Setting A New Standard

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“Our true passion is building a business that genuinely supports dental entrepreneurs.”